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Let’s discuss about how to get a huge GMAT score and, as a result, we will offer some tips about all GMAT issues, focusing on advices about how to prepare for your tests. Scoring lower than the school’s range does not necessarily mean an automatic rejection, but higher scores can only help your chances. Together with your previous GPA and academic record, the GMAT gives admissions committees an idea of the rigor you could withstand. Of course, it’s only one part of the application. Admissions staff members remind applicants that they look at the whole of the candidate’s application and never make a decision based on one metric. Still, increasing that score is a priority. We get it. So, we asked GMAT experts to offer their best tips for test takers.

First of all you have to make sure that you are in a very good shape: starting with two days before eating and hydrating properly, you sleep on time and enough. Plan your time so that you have as few activities as possible during the learning period. The form you are in will largely determine your endurance. Secondly, you must have study conditions: an airy and very well lit place (preferably natural light to stimulate attention), quiet, and avoid contact with “equipment” (phones, computers ..) or people (parents or friends friends) and talk) that will interrupt you. Attention is very important, and interruptions are a major impediment to concentration.

Read Carefully…Or Else The GMAT is constructed with incorrect answer choices that the test writers think you might like. If it’s a mistake a person might easily make on a problem, it’s probably an answer choice. If a question seems easy to you, STOP and reread the question. Make sure you haven’t fallen into a trap. Answer All the Questions-Even If You Have to Guess: Because there is a penalty for unanswered questions at the end of the GMAT, it makes sense to guess on any remaining questions rather than to leave them blank. If time is running out, you will almost certainly get a higher score by clicking through and answering any remaining questions at random. This is because the penalty for getting a question wrong diminishes sharply toward the end of each adaptive section (when the computer has already largely decided your score).

The one thing we ask of you: please test out your internet connection and video conferencing software BEFORE your first session. If you aren’t sure if the internet is fast enough, you can run a test at If both the upload and download speeds are consistently higher than 1.5 mbps, you should be fine. The second drawback to online tutoring is that some of the “chemistry” of tutoring doesn’t really translate online, and we don’t want to pretend otherwise. Unless you’ve spent plenty of time on Skype already, it can feel unnatural to work with a teacher who is just a face on a screen. We’ve worked with hundreds of students online over the years, and we don’t think that the lack of in-person “chemistry” substantially limits our students’ GMAT score improvements, but we want to be honest about it: for some students, it just feels strange to handle GMAT or GRE tutoring solely via the internet. Discover more info on online GMAT Tutor.

The GMAT is over three hours long and is taken entirely on a computer. So on top of the mental fatigue, you’re also facing eyestrain, neck pain, and upper back soreness! Make sure you’re prepared by doing as much prep as possible on the computer. We believe GmatNinja GMAT is the best GMAT prep program available, especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don’t want to spend a ton of money on the other companies’ one-size-fits-all study plans. We’ve divided all the GMAT tips and tricks into three categories: overall GMAT tips (for all sections), tips that are particular to a section or question type, and tips for streamlining the day of the test.