Rapid stroke assessment



Almost 2 million neurons are lost every minute that blood flow to the brain is blocked during a stroke. It is our mission to develop an automated software suite that will provide triaging ER doctors with all of the information that they need to make quick decisions about treatment protocols.

QuikFlo Health Inc. is integrating the highly-successful results of industry leading research, the expertise of our clinical and scientific teams, and the talents of our software engineers to create a regulatory-compliant stroke triaging support tool. 

Stroke assessment is critical


The Bottleneck is Expertise

The medical professionals who see a stroke patient first, typically ER physicians, require assistance from a specialist – a neurologist, stroke neurologist or neuroradiologist – to make the right triage and treatment decisions. Those specialists are in short supply.

QuikFlo makes their expertise in reading CT brain images widespread, arming ER personnel with information that enables them to act immediately.


Quikflo is FAST



Our Fast Accurate Stroke Triage (FAST) software is being designed to rapidly calculate the volume of brain already affected by an active stroke, and the volume that is likely to die without treatment.

Using an algorithm modeled from the analysis of many thousands of CT scans, FAST then identifies effected brain areas. Given the right information, physicians can quickly make the right choice; saving time, and saving brains.