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Caffeine’s half-life is 5 hours. This means it takes 5 hours for half the caffeine to clear your system. Even though you’re able to fall asleep with caffeine, your sleep quality is dramatically affected. The same goes for alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative. It may knock you out, but you’re not getting proper sleep. If I hit you with a baseball bat and knocked you out. You may be unconscious for 8 hours, but It doesn’t mean you slept well. Your sleep cycle is also controlled by the day & night cycle, i.e. sunlight and darkness. Have you noticed when you pull an all-nighter, you start to get a second wind of energy when you make it till the morning? This is because your body’s sleep and wake cycle is also controlled by your internal body clock.

Start with a small calorie deficit – You want to be in a small calorie deficit, i.e. around 300 calories. Anymore than this is not sustainable and you’ll end up binge eating and then starting the diet again on Monday. Sounds like you? Your bodyweight in pounds times 12-13 is a good starting point. For example: if you’re 170 pounds, multiply this by 12 to get your daily caloric intake for sustainable fat loss, so in this case its 2112 cal per day. If you’re not dropping weight, reduce your calories by 200.

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Even smokers who consumed at least 4 servings of cruciferous vegetables a month saw a 55% reduction in lung cancer risk (see study here, but bear in mind that I don’t advocate smoking!) To maximise the intake of Sulforaphane from your food, steam your vegetables for 3 to 4 minutes. This is because steaming deactivates the epithiospecifer protein which stops the formation of sulforaphane, but does not inactivate myrosinase enzyme in the way boiling does. By doing this, you can increase the amount of sulforaphane by 3-fold and do not damage the myrosinase, which is the enzyme that converts Glucoraphanin in cruciferous vegetables to the active compound sulforaphane.

Pick one type of cardio and stick to it for 12 weeks. Running, ski erg, rower or assault bike. Stick to the same sessions for at least 6 weeks so you can measure progression. Make sure you’re eating enough calories to fuel your sessions so you can recover adequately, otherwise you’ll drop strength. If eating enough high quality food cardio will help your performance in the weights room. Definitely running is fantastic. Pick one that you can train with high volume without getting injured. The rower, assault bike and ski erg are great as they’re all low impact on joints. Stick to one for at least 12 weeks. It takes time to adapt to the movement and get real benefit from it and know how hard you can push.